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Swedish Death Metal - Compilation (2009)

1. Mefisto: Missing in Action (from the demo tape “Megalomania”, 1986)
2. Obscurity: Demented (from the demo tape “Damnations Pride”, 1987)
3. Corpse: Rise Again (from the demo tape “Black Dawn”, 1987)
4. Merciless: Souls of the Dead (from the demo tape “Realm of the Dark”, 1988)
5. Morbid: Wings of Funeral (from the demo tape “December Moon”, 1987)
6. Nihilist: Abnormally Deceased (from the demo tape “Only Shreds Remain”, 1988)
7. Putrefaction: Putrefaction Remains (from the demo tape “Painful Death”, 1989)
8. Carnage: Torn Apart (from the demo tape “Infestation of Evil”, 1989)
9. Therion: Megalomania (from the demo tape “Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness”, 1989)
10. Carbonized: Final Chapter (from the demo tape “Au-To-Dafe“, 1989)
11. Expulsion: Darkside (from the demo tape “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery”, 1989)
12. Grave: Brutally Deceased (from the demo tape “Anatomia Corporis Humani”, 1989)
13. Sorcery: Descend to the Ashes (from the demo tape “Unholy Crusade”, 1989)
14. Tribulation: Irrevocable Act (from the demo tape “Void of Compassion”, 1990)
15. Afflicted Convulsion: Consumed In Flames (from the demo tape “Beyond Redemption”, 1990)
16. Dismember: Dismembered (from the demo tape “Reborn in Blasphemy”, 1990)
17. Desultory: The Chill Within (from the demo tape “Death Unfolds”, 1990)
18. Grotesque: Submit to Death (from the 12” EP “Incantation”, 1990)
1. Entombed: But Life Goes On (from the demo tape “But Life Goes On”, 1989)
2. Nirvana 2002: Mourning (from the compilation “Projections of a Stained Mind”, 1991)
3. General Surgery: Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (from the 7” EP “Necrology”, 1991)
4. Dismember: Override of the Overture (from the album “Like an Ever Flowing Stream”, 1991)
5. Grave: Into the Grave (from the album “Into the Grave”, 1991)
6. Unleashed: Before the Creation (from the album “Where No Life Dwells”, 1991)
7. Tiamat: Ancient Entity (from the album “The Astral Sleep”, 1991)
8. Carbonized: Recarbonized (from the album “For the Security”, 1991)
9. At The Gates: City of Screaming Statues (from the EP “Gardens of Grief”, 1991)
10. Liers In Wait: Bleeding Shrines of Stone (from the EP “Spiritually Uncontrolled Art”, 1992)
11. Edge Of Sanity: Enigma (from the album “Unorthodox”, 1992)
12. Cemetary: Nightmare Lake (from the album “An Evil Shade of Grey”, 1992)
13. Therion: Symphony of the Dead (from the album “Beyond Sanctorum”, 1992)
14. Afflicted: Tidings from the Blue Sphere (from the album “Prodigal Sun”, 1992)
15. Marduk: Still Fucking Dead (Here’s No Peace) (from the album “Dark Endless”, 1992)
16. Dissection: Black Horizons (from the album “The Somberlain”, 1993)
1. Evocation: Through the Darkened Peril (from the demo tape “The Ancient Gate”, 1992)
2. Séance: Reincarnage (from the demo tape “Levitised Spirit”, 1991)
3. Toxaemia: Beyond The Realm (from the 7” EP “Toxaemia”, 1990)
4. Furbowl: Shark Heaven (from the demo tape “The Nightfall of Your Heart”, 1991)
5. Suffer: Human Flesh (from the demo tape “Manifestation of God”, 1991)
6. Traumatic: A Perfect Night to Masturbate (from the demo tape “A Perfect Night to Masturbate”, 1991)
7. Macrodex: Necrophilicide (from the demo tape “Remains of a Lost Life”, 1990)
8. House Of Usher: Rather Black (from the 7” EP “On the Very Verge”, 1991)
9. Crypt Of Kerberos: The Ancient War (from the 7” EP “Cyclone of Insanity”, 1992)
10. Eternal Darkness: Psychopath (from the 7” EP “Doomed”, 1992)
11. Interment: Morbid Death (from the demo tape “Where Death Will Increase”, 1991)
12. Uncanny: Transportation to the Uncanny (from the demo tape “Transportation to the Uncanny”, 1991)
13. S. G. R.: Die in Agony (from the demo tape “Massdevastation”, 1992)
14. Sarcasm: In Hate … (from the demo tape “In Hate …”, 1992)
15. Crematory: Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity) (from the demo tape “Netherworlds of the Mind”, 1992)
16. Necrony: Under the Black Soil (from the “Promo-Tape 93–94”, 1994)
17. Repugnant: Spawn of Pure Malevolence (from the demo tape “Spawn of Pure Malevolence”, 1998)
18. Katalysator: Mass Genocide Ritual (from the demo tape “Mass Genocide Ritual”, 2007)

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